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Lit Candles

Hi! I'm Danelle aka nurse nell

I am a certified trauma-informed life coach, a nurse, have a master’s degree in Chinese medicine, and hold a 300+ hour meditation and yoga certification.

I have alchemized my own trauma into gold, and I’m here on this Earth-plane to help other women do the same.



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I am highly sensitive, curious, intuitive human weirdo who has an insatiable drive to help women unburden themselves of the pressures/shame/self-loathing/never-enough-ness thrust onto them at birth and throughout the 80 (give or take) years of their lives.

I have a history of trauma, including sexual assault and an illness that ended my semi-pro soccer career. At various points in my life, I have been diagnosed with ADHD, generalized anxiety, IBS, panic disorder, and clinical major depression.

I witnessed my dreams and idealism crumble because of trauma. I suffered for years at the hands of others. I lived like a shell of a human and forgot who the fuck I was.

I want you to take the shortcut back to yourself, not the long way like I did.






I’ve spent the last 15+ years creating a brain I actually love to live in through deep (deeeeeeep) introspection, experimentation, therapy, coaching, and thousands (feels like millions) of hours of formal education.


I've deconstructed societal norms, radically accepted my "imperfections," and have learned how to thrive.

I want the same for you.

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