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What to expect from Trauma informed coaching (versus therapy)

Therapists use tools such as EMDR and CBT/DBT (among others). Therapy helps bring the client to stability – to a place of being able to function in the world. Therapy is best suited for those with more severe, clinically diagnosed/diagnosable mental-emotional imbalances because they have the education and skills to address these particular issues.


My role as a trauma-informed coach is to bridge the gap between where you are now – perhaps after years of therapy - and where you want to be (moving forward and up).


What I found through my own experience, after a decade of therapy, is that I was able to function in the world quite well, but still had trouble with feeling adequate, confident, and able to achieve my dreams.


Even though I felt like I probably mostly dealt with my past traumas, the second I woke up in the morning, I felt the dull buzz of anxiety, and the ache of dread. I worked a job a hated, would cower anytime any time anyone got mad at me, was a SERIOUS people-pleaser, and had stomach aches all the time. I still had a nagging sense that everyone had it figured out except me…and that maybe I’d always feel this way. Ughhhhh. 


This is where trauma-informed coaching came in for me—and I’m here to offer you the same.  


**Note: therapy and coaching work GREAT together. You do not have to abandon therapy for coaching or vice versa.

As a trauma-informed coach, my fundamental belief is that you are not broken and there is nothing wrong with you.

We focus on forward movement through examining how your trauma is affecting your present life, and then moving you – step by step – towards your wildest goals and dreams.

I believe in you because I was where you are, too. After that decade of therapy, I hit that unexpected wall. I saw glimmers of who I could be, but didn’t know how to get there.

As a coach, I am not here to fix your problems or provide you with band aid solutions. I am not your guru or your answer.


I am here to guide you back to yourself, so that YOU have the tools and therefore power over your own life.

My goal for you is self-sufficiency, self-regulation, self-belief, and self-trust. That may sound like “coach speak” and you may think “what does that even mean, for real,” but let it sink in for a sec.

The things you can create from self-sufficiency, self-regulation, self-belief, and self-trust is pure fucking honest magic

I’m talking:

  • You wake up feeling legitimately grateful and deeply relaxed.

  • You have solid spiritual practices that connect you to yourself…because you genuinely WANT to.

  • You pay for the person’s Starbucks drink behind you because feel a sense of abundance and want to pay it forward.

  • You know on a CELLULAR level that you can weather every.single.storm.

  • You can move out of bad moods in less than 30 minutes.

  • You accept exactly who you are and that inner abuser/critic FINALLY shuts the fuck up. You have power over this voice.

  • You actually learn what it is to genuinely love yourself.

  • Your visions/goals/dreams expand with you. You know you are capable and can do anything.

  • Instead of feeling defensive all the time with people you love, you now are able to communicate in a way that gets you what you want and doesn’t hurt others.

  • …this is just a short list of possible results from coaching. There are millions more.


In our coaching container, we navigate your deep-seated beliefs, excavate the ways in which you hold yourself back in your life (consciously and subconsciously), smash through old patterns, and develop new, wayyyy better ones that support your highest self.

As a trauma-informed coach with a nursing and holistic medical background, I have expertise in trauma responses, nervous system regulation, somatic healing techniques, mind-body connection, neuro-linguistic programming, tapping, meditation, mindfulness, and more.


I can help you discard shame, guilt, and suppression/oppression through powerful questions, finely-tuned attention and intuition, and potent practices.

**I also know the proper channels for referral when appropriate and necessary. I promise to always keep your safety at the forefront of my mind.

With all that being said:


You have always been worthy. Remember who you are.

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