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Buddhist Monk Meditating

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Coaching Package and pricing


I offer a 5-month coaching package for $4,400 paid in full. Payment plans are available starting at $1k.

Our 5-month coaching container includes:

  • 15 75-minute sessions (3 sessions per month)

  • Unlimited voice message support in between sessions

  • Personalized assignments/explorations between sessions

  • Recordings of our session if desired

  • Notes/a transcript

Coaching with me is for you if:

  • You are a woman (bio or trans)

  • You are committed to creating the best life for yourself

  • You see glimmers of magic in your life and in yourself and you're ready to do the work to level-up

  • You know you are "enough" on deep levels but have a hard time with sustaining that belief

  • You are ready to choose yourself

  • You are not currently experiencing severe clinically untreated mental health issues (suicidality, untreated bipolar disorder, untreated schizophrenia, untreated severe debilitating depression, etc.). If you are experiencing current mental health issues, you must be in therapy to work with me.

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