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structure and Flow

I work on finely-tuned intuitive levels, so each coaching container looks different because…well… we all have a unique genome/blueprint, set of experiences, and desires.


The coaching work begins when you make the initial investment. This is you choosing you, and that kind of choice reverberates in deep and boundless ways.


For those who want more exactness/a map, this is how I flow in general. This is not always chronological, and we are continually jumping between phases during our time together:


  1. Excavation: I learn about how your brain works, including what you are not saying. YOU learn how your brain works: the language you use, your emotional landscape, your reactivity, your stress responses, etc.

  2. De-conditioning: the process of unlearning unworthiness

  3. Reconditioning & truth-telling: the process of learning worthiness and somatically connecting with deeper truths. The repercussions of this are vast.

  4. Anchoring: we root and solidify what we’ve learned so you can take it with you the rest of your life.

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