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for women

Trauma-informed Life coaching

Light and Shadow

Let's lead you back to leading yourself.


You were never a follower. No wonder you never fit in but always tried to cram your magical, expansive soul into tiny good-girl-shaped boxes.


We live in a world that devalues gold-mine brains and souls like yours.

It’s easy to lose sight of who you are in a world like this.

Patriarchy and colonialist values instill in us that there is a “right” way to live and be…and that you’re doing it wrong. And of course – you make this mean something about you as a person, particularly, that you are not enough.

Close-up of hands holding a burning candle in the dark. Adult woman with a red candle agai


You have always been enough. It was never about you.



Even though many internal and external forces have tried to convince you to extinguish your light, it still burns bright within you.

It’s time to answer the call and remember who you are.

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