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Client testimonials


“The biggest thing that has happened from coaching with you is I’m more in tune with who I really am. I know myself now.


I feel so much more honest and self-aware. I used to be so self-conscious…and I would feel so guilty for the way I felt. I always thought that when people behaved badly around me that it was about me not being enough in some way…plus I would make excuses for them.


I’m understanding that so many negative things are not worth my energy anymore. I feel lighter and free.

If I do feel heavy with negative energy, I now know the techniques and meditations to get out of those feelings.

Something I’ve learned coaching with you is that I have all the insights within me, which has been the most valuable realization. You helped me be able to figure things out on my own.


I’ve been having those light-bulb moments where I think, “oh my god, it all makes sense.” I am so grateful.

I would recommend your coaching a thousand times over.”

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"I’m now able to have hard conversations without breaking down, and without it ruining my day. I’m able to be vulnerable and honest while having hard conversations without allowing emotions to overwhelm me.


I feel like I can now have hard conversations, and emotionally regulate.

I’m able to sit with my emotions and express myself without freezing or retreating. I don’t let my emotions shut me down anymore.

I’ve also become so good at expressing my boundaries, needs, and holding people accountable.

I’ve had breakthroughs on so many levels since working with you. I’m noticing people I love growing with me, instead of away from me.


The fear of growing out of my close relationships had kept me from actually working on myself for a very long time.


You've helped me shift decades-worth of negative thinking, conditioning, and maligned beliefs. Working with you has been life-changing!

But the best part is that you've guided me to be able to achieve these things on my own, which shows that I have made real, lasting, change."



“For so long, I’ve worn a mask. People have told me I should “hurry up and let this (trauma) go…just move on,” and you’ve helped me realize it’s okay to be where I am and to feel how I feel.


You have helped me feel validated, and like I’m not crazy. You’ve helped me recognize that I’ve been through a lot, and it makes sense why I feel how I do.

You’ve also helped me notice how my body responds to certain emotions...and that I'm allowed to feel those emotions. That has been so helpful for me.

This experience has given me so much comfort with the fact that I’m still processing my past experiences. I feel comfortable saying, “where I am now is's exactly where I should be."

Through coaching with you, I've also learned to take ownership of my journey.

I want my business to be an extension of my desire to help people, and you’ve helped me redefine what working could look like. I now know it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and harsh, but that it can be fun, exciting, and exhilarating.

I’m planting a beautiful garden and now I’m waiting for the seeds I’ve nourished to sprout.

Working with you has been so helpful to me—more than you could ever know. It’s been such an enlightening experience. Thank you for everything."

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One of my biggest concerns about working with Danelle before we started was that our sessions would be like "regular talk therapy."


While therapy profoundly helped me build a better foundation of self-awareness and individualization, I worried that I'd feel the same urgency to "fix myself" in the image of an ideal, healed person (ie, never be triggered again). While rationally I knew that healing never truly ends, I felt like I would never be enough, never be "perfect."


So, my favorite part of doing this work has been the permission to accept and to be myself - the "good," the "bad," and the "ugly" - even as I work to create more inner peace. I always thought I had to strive to be an emotionally neutral robot that never gets triggered, but Danelle taught me that I have both the responsibility to heal my trauma and also to distinguish boundaries (when to recognize that the past is triggering me vs. when to stand/speak up for myself).


My biggest transformation came when Danelle told me "there's no such thing as 'inappropriate,' that I myself am not inappropriate, and that what I say is neutral depending on the group to whom I say it. As someone who often shame-spirals and overthinks during social interactions (and before and after, haha), you can imagine the relief I felt releasing yet another burden of perfectionism. This epiphany taught me that learning what to say and to whom is just another skill to be honed and not an unalterable deficit on my part.


What surprised me the most about working with Danelle was how seen and heard I was! These are words I feel get thrown around often, but I have never really felt understood by anyone I have ever encountered in my life until Danelle. While I know what I feel and think in my internal and abstract world, I often struggle with verbalizing it.


Danelle can not only track what I'm saying, she can reflect it back to me, as well as build on it. My sessions with her were well and truly tailored to my experiences and me.


I would recommend Danelle to anyone who feels misunderstood (even angry and resentful as a result) and struggles with shame and perfectionism.


While Danelle provides the space and tools to heal what you want to heal, she does so while reminding you that who you are makes sense because of the experiences that shaped you, and that you are worthy just as you are at every step of your journey.


"In the beginning of coaching with you, I had a lot of clutter – enough clutter in my mind and life that I was being blinded. I didn’t know what was going on or where I wanted to go. I had all these questions and no answers, and was so overwhelmed. I was also so wrapped up in drama that wasn’t even mine.        


I reached out to you because I felt like I needed someone to guide me, because at that point, I couldn’t do it on my own. I was only getting so far on my own – I had all these ideas and didn’t know how to go about them.

I was putting clouds over my own head and unable to deal with life. You helped walk me through my own oppression.

As women, sharing these open notes, finding this vision, and doing it together – not competing against one another – has been valuable for me. We all have different niches and directions but I’ve learned we’re united and it’s really about finding the value within myself.

Simple questions you asked turned into such deep-hearted awakenings for me.

I’m in shock as to where I’ve come in 12 weeks. It’s seemed like such a short amount of time.

During our time together, I have experienced clarity and confirmation. I now know where I’m going and what I want, and no one can take that from me.

My inner confidence is back. It’s always been there, but I wasn’t aware of it. I even talk to people I don’t know with such confidence.

In gaining those two big things (clarity and confidence), I feel like I have my suitcase packed and I’m ready to walk into that board meeting and give that presentation. I know where my driving force comes from now.

I would most definitely recommend your coaching. You have empathic energy and you’re able to pick up on certain cues – whether it’s noticing when oppression shows up, or when there’s a moment for enlightenment.

Your curiosity has been the foundation of working with you. You are someone who is willing to be open minded and curious about my experience, which is something I will pass onto people in my life and the clients I work with.

You’ve gently guided me with your nice, calming voice.


Even in moments when I was unaware of where my emotions were coming from, or in moments when I didn’t have strong sense of myself, you were able to pull self-awareness out of me so I could understand where my emotions were coming from.


Even the days when I resisted coaching, you always asked the right questions.


(To any future clients:) Danelle is fantastic and will guide you if you’re willing to take the journey.

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"I very rarely ever took the time to reflect on myself, and have enjoyed making it a priority. Danelle provided me with tailored action items to work on in a very easily digestible manner which made it easier for me to put them into practice, learn more about myself, and become more open minded. I also surprised myself by trying new things such as meditations and manifestation exercises which I found to be really valuable, and something I wouldn't have ordinarily done on my own. 

When we first started working together, I was drowning at work and not in a great headspace. Several areas of my life were lacking which we've worked on addressing. Danelle helped me set better boundaries, think differently, put things into perspective, and prioritize areas in my life that needed attention.


In just a few months, I've noticed a dramatic change in my mindset and happiness.

I really loved the coaching model Danelle shared with me to help breakdown the way in which my brain is currently wired to process certain triggering scenarios. It was really insightful for me to recognize certain patterns I never knew existed, and prompted me to take actions which I hadn't thought to historically. I think it will be a really beneficial tool to utilize to facilitate better relationships with people and generate more desirable outcomes in challenging situations in future circumstances.   

I would absolutely recommend Danelle as a coach. She's an incredibly empathetic, understanding, supportive and very professional individual who cares deeply about her work and the well-being of her clients. She takes time to recognizes small wins and breakthroughs that I'd usually gloss over, and has a very calming presence and soothing voice which makes it so easy to open up and feel comfortable with her."


"My biggest challenge when we first started working together was not knowing how to claim my boundaries and how to allow myself to feel my feelings.


Because of your coaching, I’m able to process my feelings and give myself permission to create boundaries in my relationships and not feel guilty about these boundaries or feel a sense of abandonment. I had so much of shame and guilt around creating boundaries, and have felt a removal of this shame.


Coaching with you has been the greatest testament of my reattachment to myself. You’ve created a safe space for me to show up and do this work.


I didn’t have had the tools to get to the place I’ve wanted to be. You’ve been an incredible guide for me, and I look to you for guidance because you have the tools that have allowed me to take myself to places that I’ve wanted to go for SO long.


Through coaching with you, I’ve learned how to connect to my own higher power. I’ve been able to experience myself from a place that I’ve never experienced myself from before. Being able to see myself for who I am and love and honor her has been the greatest gift.


This experience has just been everything I’ve been longing for for a long time. You’ve been an incredible mirror. Thank you for being such a safe space to uncover my triggers and traumas and plant them back as beautiful little flowers in my garden. I water these flowers with whatever I need because I’m not scared of these parts of myself anymore.  


I would absolutely 100 percent recommend your coaching for anyone who is ready to feel unstuck and get to their next level, whatever that may look like."

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“I love the experiential exercises we do. They have helped me in terms of understanding my inner workings and emotions that come up for me.


This coaching process felt very tailored to me and what I wanted to get out of it. 


Recognizing when things are going well and celebrating both big and small accomplishments has been so helpful. 


Before coaching, I knew I wanted something that made me make the time to work on being more in touch with myself and what I want/need, and to navigate life's challenges in more healthy ways. The pandemic wore my resiliency thin...I felt like I had a toolkit prior to the pandemic but during -- not so much. 


It's not easy for me to be trusting or ask for support or help. Through coaching with you, I feel like I'm organizing my life/thinking in a way that makes me feel more expansive, which is exactly what I wanted.


Also, I'm acknowledging things I'm grateful for much more, and celebrating the ways in which I'm doing well. 


Sometimes counseling has felt like I'm allowed to ramble ad nauseum, and don't get many tangible takeaways or solutions or experiential exercises to shape my outlook on life, but coaching has given me this.”

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